X-Wing 2.0 Interview with X-Wing Junkies’ Mark Stewart

X-Wing 2.0 is coming September 13th, 2018 and there are a lot of questions surrounding the new version of Fantasy Flight Games hit tabletop game. Jonny Bsports met up with Mark Stewart from the X-Wing Junkies to talk about the changes and what it’ll mean to everyone that wants to go pew pew.

1. Why do you think Fantasy Flight Games wanted to make 2.0 instead of just keeping going with 1.0?

I think the switch to 2.0 was a long time coming. Over the last 6 years, X-wing has really changed, which is the nature of any game. There were some real issues with combinations of cards effectively removing one’s opponent from the decision making process.

We had seen individual changes to specific problems before but at this point needed a fresh start. As well it allows them to attempt to future proof the game.

What is the biggest thing 2.0 fixes that was a big problem in 1.0?

2.0 really rebuilds the game from the ground up. If I had to pick a single change, it would be turrets. Now instead of 360° arcs, they have mobile arcs, requiring the player to think ahead and leaving the door open to counterplay.

3. For new players trying to get into X-Wing, what does 2.0 mean for them?

2.0 means a clean slate. A lot of the really strong stuff has been addressed and there will be a focus again on player skill. That means that new players can practice those fundamentals instead of having to run chaotic combinations more akin to Magic the Gathering legacy decks to be competitive.

4. Is the new core set only for new players or should players who already have a collection consider getting one?

The new core set will essentially be required because it contains the new damage deck as well as updated templates with the centre line added… That’s not to say you can’t play casually without the core set, but the new damage deck is a substantial reworking of the cards. They did a lot of work to rebalance ships with lower shield costs, making it so a critical hit going through can really swing the tide of a battle.

X-Wing 2.0 is now available for pre-order and includes a bonus alt-art T-65 X-Wing Damage Deck if you order by June 29th. Call (204-415-112), e-mail (info(at)amusengames.ca), or visit our store to pre-order.

5. What exactly do the conversion kits do?

The conversion kits do exactly that. They convert 1.0 ships to 2.0 playability, with new cards, upgrades cardboard and some of the new medium bases.

6. What are you most excited about for 2.0?

I’m not sure what takes first place there are a couple of things. From a player angle, I’m happy to see some of the negative play aspects like hyper defence and auto-damage go away.

I can also respect the design changes, where they have really left a lot of room to grow. The list building app is probably my most anticipated feature, where the official app will allow them to adjust point costs on the fly.

As well, I have to respect some of the subtle things with design like the new force charge token – where the token design is a composite of the EU icons for the light and dark side of the force. It’s the little things like that

7. How is 2.0 going to affect competitive/organized play?

For Competition play, we will also see some changes such as all ships awarding half points, rewarding damage, and making it at bad decision to turn and run away.

As well we see X-wing World Championship as its own event, where players have to win an event to qualify.

8. Tell me more about the qualifiers – how does it differ from the current store/regional/national championships that FFG currently does?

So we are still waiting for all the info but from what has been released there will be more of what is currently the Regionals setup. Rather than only one per area, every store that meets criteria can apply to host a ‘hyperspace trials’, and each winner gets a ticket to worlds.

This won’t be a huge difference for our local players, but those south of the border should see an uptick of events that qualify.

Mark Stewart is a member of the X-Wing Junkies and can be seen playing X-Wing at A Muse N Games on the X-Wing Junkies Twitch stream most Thursdays starting at 7:00 pm.

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