A Muse N Games is hiring! We are looking for several people to join the A Muse N Games Team. 

If you have a passion for retail, board games, creating beautiful displays or exceptional customer experiences consider joining our team. Interested applicants can email a resume and cover letter to careers(at)amusengames.ca 
please include “Why I’m Awesome” as your subject line. 

Successful applicants  will have week day daytime availability. They will be guaranteed a minimum of three shifts a week with the possibility of more. An interest in board games, card games or role playing games is not required but is strongly encouraged. 

Job title: Sales Muse

Reports to: Owners/Store Manager

Job purpose
First and fore most provide exceptional customer service and sales. Assist customers to find what they are looking for, make suggestions, provide a fun, welcoming and engaging atmosphere in which to shop.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide exceptional Customer Service
  • Be comfortable approaching customers and using a sales approach that includes the following steps:
    • Greet the Customer when they enter the store
    • Engage in dialogue with them in which you asked open ended questions
    • Assess their needs/wants
    • Recommend based upon their needs and inform how the game you have recommended meets the assessed needs⦁ Close the sale/ring them through
    • Thank them, invite them back
  • Ring through all transactions on POS and be familiar with other important POS functions.
  • Process online orders in a timely manner, prepare shipping quotes and familiarity with the customer facing side of website to assist with troubleshooting/finding items.
  • Be comfortable processing the appropriate Payment method (Cash/Debit/Credit) to complete transactions.
  • Increase product knowledge of all lines carried/Provide demonstrations of games
  • Assist in running tournaments for board games and Magic the Gathering as needed
  • Receive inventory in a timely manner, contact customers with special orders/preorders and label items and place on hold shelf
  • Maintain order book (basic knowledge of distributors and where product is coming from)
  • Basic familiarity with MTG can be trained but is expected as you will need to be able to find cards and sell them to customers. Advanced knowledge or continuous growth is encouraged over time so that you can discuss decks, different formats of play, make recommendations, etc.
  • Complete opening and closing duties as scheduled
  • Maintain inventory on website, add new products, update on hand #’s when we receive or sell product.
  • Use your creativity and personality to bring fun and excitement to the workplace in a constructive and productive manner to help grow A Muse N Games and its stakeholders.
  • Other duties as required.