A Muse N Games will be hosting a launch event for the new Transformers TCG set Titan Masters Attack on
Saturday April 18, 2020 at 6pm

$30 entry fee includes 5 packs of the new set Titan Masters Attack to be used to play in a sealed format.
All participants will receive a Character Card not found in Boosters (Arcana) and a set of 3 different large Character cards that unite to form a 3-part Combiner Character
The event is currently capped at 6 players should it sell out quickly we can increase the number of seats available. 

You can register online using the buy tickets button below or you can register in store. If you are registering online choose the credit card option under payment methods.  If you choose the cash option you must complete your registration in store by providing payment within 24 hours or your registration will be canceled.