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Pick a Pack of Pickled Commons: Oath of the Gatewatch

(I need an equivalent to “Avengers Assemble” to start this off… uh… )
Oath-Takers Swear!

(Wait… swear? Is there a better verb? Whatever, let’s roll with it.)

Welcome to Pick a Pack of Pickled Commons, the drafting puzzle that makes the picks for you! … in that we simulate a real draft by removing selections before the packs get passed to you. We don’t actually answer it for you.

This time ’round, we’re looking at Oath of the Gatewatch. The wizardly Kozilek-brood Eldrazi are sprouting forth from Zendikar’s surface, taking over from Ulamog’s fighter-type Eldrazi and covering everything in rainbow bismuth whorls and the Devoid keyword. Meanwhile, planeswalkers and Zendikari alike are uniting underneath Gideon’s banner, Supporting and Cohorting each other with +1/+1 counters and tap abilities.

Is the format as grindy as the ramptastic Battle for Zendikar? Will the overall lower mana curve have an impact on the speed of the format? And what of the new OGW-OGW-BFZ drafting model?

Let’s find out!

We’re switching it up this week by not making your first pick for you. Yep, rares and mythics are available!
These packs were purchased from A Muse N Games, as is tradition. Here’s your opener —


… yup. That happened. Buy a pack to make some content, get a planeswalker.

(Hey, Scotia, is it okay if I tell people to buy packs from you and then make content with them because CLEARLY that increases your chances of getting a good mythic?)

Take it from me, everyone — you should totally buy packs from AMNG with the offer to make content about said packs, because that really, actually does increase your chances of getting a good mythic.

(Hey, Scotia, I did it anyway.)

Moving on! Your second pack looks like this —

Once again, somebody picks an uncommon over the rare. Is Dread Defiler too much of a build-around? What uncommon beats out Thought Harvester, a beautiful inclusion in a blue-white fliers deck? Mysteries abound!

Finally, here’s your third pack —

Pyromancer’s Assault? Seed Guardian? Only one choice for producing colourless mana? Choices, choices.

(Also, true story — the mythic for this pack was Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Two mythics in three packs. Seriously. Buy packs from AMNG, make content for AMNG, profit. We found Step 2, people.)

What would you pick? Let me know in the Facebook comments for this article, and I’ll talk about them in two weeks!

See you then!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular G̎̐R͌̆Eͨͫ̄͊Ã͌̓̾̂T̃ͣͭͫͤ͊ D̴̓́ͥͪ̾͌͟͡I͊ͦͤͣ̉͝S̸̡ͨ͂ͥ̈́̂̾̂̚T̎ͯ͏O͂̄̇̅̔ͩ͌͜R͛̆̑T̴̆̋ͭ͑͒ͬ͒ͧIͬ̌̈́ͦͨ͢O͛̄̀̕͢N̶̨ͯ͑̾ͮ̌͝. H́͞a̵̧͘í̵̸ļ ̢our͡ ̷̢n̶̛e̷ẃ͠ ov͞e̢͡rlǫ͘͠ŗ̶͠d̨҉ş̡̕, ̕t̀ḩ̴҉ę҉ ̴E͢l͜d̛҉ŗ̀a͘z̴̛͝i̴, Kin̢͠g̨s͢͏ ͡of҉̶ ̕͠t̛h͟e͘ ͜B̴͏l̶͢͡i̛ǹ̴d̡ ̵͠Et̶èr̕ņį̶tí͝è̴̢s̀ ́án҉d ̢̧̛ru̧l̸͜͞e̵͘r͟͠s҉ ̴͏o͢f҉̵͡ ͏̷t҉̶͘i҉m͟e̶ ̕͘͘a̸ń͢d́͝ ҉s̴̵p̴à̧̕ć͏e, every two weeks on the Mana Dork!