This week in the news: literally nothing. Who wants a Commander deck tech?

Nah, just kidding. We’re doing a grab bag of some quick reactions today, folks. Let’s dive in!


Frankly, I don’t know if they could have found a better 249 cards to make a single cohesive Magic set. Especially without shooting themselves in the foot in some way or another.

“But T R E E O F R E D E M P T I O N,” you might scoff, and you’re well within your rights to do so. I know there’s some Controversy™, and the attendant memetic payloads. I’m sure there’s a few people who’d like to redeem their Trees of Redemption, and we’re seeing the odd YouTube video that asserts the boxes can be mapped (which, IMPORTANT NOTE: regardless of whether these allegations are true or not, A Muse N Games employs a number of methods to prevent box- and case-mapping, so have no fear! Your packs will be appropriately random!)—whose veracity I’m forced to doubt after more videos have come up countering the claim, but that’s beyond the point.

Looking at the set as a whole, I personally can’t be mad. We have to remember that this wasn’t going to be the second coming of Alpha—they’re not building a whole new Gathering from scratch. This is a commemoration of all of our histories with a historic game, and they commemorated well.

That Twisted Abomination is the one I played with as a kid, only now it has a sweet new watermark. That Living Death is the same card that pulls all my Shadowborn Apostles back to the field in Commander, only now it has fantastic new art. (Okay, maybe I like playing Black.) And the rest of the set is the same, for each and every one of us, on a level I think we’ll only feel when the cards are in our hands.

Also, that Blood Moon, and that Doomsday. Unbelievably gorgeous.

Reprint equity and financial considerations be damned, I’m going to draft Masters 25 because I want to drink in the history of the game. And I hope you do, too.


So, a lot of Dominaria got leaked last week.

Unlike a lot of leaks, this one wasn’t because some future viral virus decided to contaminate their career in a print shop for Internet points. Instead, the people responsible for uploading the Chinese Release Notes for Masters 25 accidentally uploaded Dominaria’s instead. Simple as that. (And kind of irritating, too, because now I don’t get to go all fire-and-brimstone about community content creators and ruining their spoilers.)

Wizards has responded by uploading the full Release Notes in English—getting ahead of any potential misinterpretations, like what happened with Kozilek and colourless mana in Oath of the Gatewatch—and releasing some spoilers, mechanics, and story pieces early. It’s an amazing response, and I commend them for their transparency.

Frankly, it’s refreshing to see a company actually understand how the spread of information works on the Internet, and do their best to still give us as much of what we want the way we want it.

(And thankfully, the Release Notes don’t cover all of a set, just the cards that require additional clarification—there’s still a big chunk of Dominaria left to be spoiled!)

I’ve read through it, but I won’t link any of it here, nor will I discuss it until the official spoilers begin in earnest. I just wanted to say thanks, Wizards, both for the set and for recovering the fumble in an amazing way.


Official Mana Dork Battlebond prediction because I can’t wait for the set to actually get here and I’m occupying myself with theorycrafting in the interim—

I’m predicting the “Partner” mechanic from Commander 2016 returns in Battlebond, only here it’s a keyword that the set mechanically cares about.

For example:

Fastball Special 1R
Sorcery [Unc]

Choose two creatures you control with Partner. This spell deals damage to target player equal to their combined power.

“Watch the claws, Ruskie!”

Bonus points if you get the reference.


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See you at the store!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor to A Muse N Games. Come back in two weeks for a special edition of the Mana Dork!