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It’s good to have goals.

Ulvenwald Hydra

Way back in January, I wrote about my three New Year’s Magic Resolutions for 2016—go undefeated at a draft, win a pod of Competitive Commander, and top-8 a Pre-Release or Games Day.

I’m pleased to report that at the Shadows over Innistrad pre-release I attended at AMNG, I placed fourth overall with an RG Wolf/Werewolf aggro deck, knocking that particular resolution out of the park!

This was at the 5 PM Saturday flight, me having officially decided I’m too old to do midnight pre-releases now. (No, it has nothing to do with questionable nutrition choices at previous pre-releases, nothing at all, why would you ask?)

This was what I put together from my pool

Incorrigible Youths


1x Convicted Killer

1x Cult of the Waxing Moon

1x Ember-Eye Wolf

1x Falkenrath Gorger

1x Graf Mole

1x Hinterland Logger

1x Incorrigible Youths

1x Loam Dryad

1x Mad Prophet

1x Quilled Wolf

1x Solitary Hunter

1x Thornhide Wolves

1x Ulrich’s Kindred

1x Ulvenwald Hydra
Burn from Within

Non-Creature Spells

1x Aim High

1x Burn from Within

1x Clip Wings

1x Dual Shot

1x Fiery Temper

1x Magmatic Chasm

1x Rabid Bite

2x Rush of Adrenaline

1x Senseless Rage


8x Forest

8x Mountain

I won a tense first pair of rounds against a very low-to-the-ground GW Humans deck and an intimidating UR Control deck, before losing to a GB Control deck that made excellent use of removal to stick its threats. Round Four saw me topdecking against an absolutely fearsome UW Spirits deck, praying every game that I could pull an Aim High or Ulvenwald Hydra.

(I will admit, never have I so feared a pharmacist as I have the Apothecary Geist that my opponent regularly played on-curve… )

Ulrich's Kindred
Some notes on cards in SOI Limited—

  • Dead Weight: Premium, premium removal—especially in a Delirium deck in this format, with enchantments normally being quite difficult to get into the graveyard.
  • Apothecary Geist: Scariest pharmacist ever. This guy plus Rattlechains makes UW Spirits a frightening deck to face. Pack removal, folks.
  • Thraben Inspector: Very, very solid. I hated facing down an extra blocker for one mana—especially one that came with a little welcome gift for my opponent!
  • Mad Prophet: I have seen it. Seen the power, seen the hasty draw triggers, seen the way it enables Madness. Not death, no, no. Transcendence!
  • Incorrigible Youths: Speaking of enabling Madness. The kids are alright, and first-pick worthy in a lot of situations.
  • Transforming creatures in general: Despite running a deck with three werewolves, I never found it all that profitable to “take a turn off” so they could transform. It was generally better to keep the pressure up with new threats, and let the transformation occur as sort of a late-game bonus (the same kind you saw in BFZ/OGW Limited with Oran-Rief Invoker) rather than force it.
  • Combat tricks in general: They are real, folks. Be prepared to play around things like Tenacity and Aim High—SOI seems to be full of really, really good tricks.

That’s it for this week! Next column: your favourite draft puzzle and mine, with a new twist!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor to A Muse N Games. Tune in every two weeks for The Mana Dork, his column about staring down a bunch of flying Spirits and deciding whether or not to attack into them.