You asked for it, you got it!

Starting Wednesday May 6, 6pm and running for 3 weeks, is A Muse N Games first Tiny Leaders League.

What is Tiny Leaders?
Tiny Leaders is a singleton format for Magic the Gathering.
Complete deck construction rules are located here:

How does the league work?
This league is intended to be casual and fun, rewarding participation and creativity.
Each week participants receive points based on participation. League points are awarded as follows:
Attend a session: 1 Point
Win a game: 2 Points
Lose a game: 1 Point
Win a session: 2 Points
Use a different Tiny Leader then in any previous league session: 2 Points

Each session will feature 3 rounds of Swiss, each round being best two out of three & 50 minutes in length.

Each session will feature a different theme:

May 6 – “We don’t need no stinkin’ sideboards!” – Play with your deck as is, no sideboard is permitted for this league date.

May 13 – “Two Headed Hobbit” – No Sideboards, register as a team, or be randomly paired up if you don’t have a partner. Two Headed Giant rules best two out of three 50 minute matches.

May 20 – “Vanna, Pick me a Letter” – Cards in the deck must start with one of 7 letters. The restriction does not apply to basic land. It does extend to the sideboard. When players register for the tournament they will provide their 7 letters, and at the start of each round will provide their 7 letters to their opponent.


Is there any entry fee?
Yes, $6 Per Week.

What are the prizes?
Prizes will be awarded based on entry fees generated over the entire league.
Prizes will range from Packs to Singles, and could include Sleeves, Playmats, or store credit.
You do not need to attend the final session to be eligible for prizing, nor do you need to attend all sessions.

Other questions?
We will update with other questions as the arise.