The Quest for Tiamat

Back in July 2021 Wizards of the Coast released the groundbreaking Magic the Gathering set “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms” based on the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.

To celebrate the set, WPN Premium stores received a special set of cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in foil, with the D&D Ampersand (&) embossed in the foiling.

Over the last year these “Ampersand Promos” have become extremely sought after. To encourage players to come back and play Magic the Gathering in store using the standard format, A Muse N Games has created the Quest For Tiamat with over $5,000 worth of prizes being awarded across 16 Weekly qualifiers and the finale.

True to A Muse N Games’ focus on casual play mixed with competitive play, each week of the 16 weeks a significant prize will be awarded randomly to one of the participants in addition to the 1st place prize. 

Each week will be $10 for ~3+ hours of play. Don’t have a Standard Deck? Drop by and we can help you build a standard deck, or Starting April 1st we will have the new standard challenger decks available!

Starting – March 23, 2022. 

Ends – Sunday July 24, 2022. 

To Register for one of the weeks click on the date or week below or go to the events calendar and pick the week you want to register for.


Week Date 1st Place Winner Door Prize Winner
1 Mar 23 Volo, Guide to Monsters Josh Raill Ellywick Tumblestrum James Lebar
2 April 3 Treasure Vault Angelo Broumas Treasure Chest Lawrence Genaille


April 10


Josh Raill

James Lebar

Circle of Dreams Druid

Riley Norrie


Rescheduled to May 4 2022

The Tarrasque

Josh Raill

Tim Hoover

Grand Master of Flowers

Lawrence Genaille


April 20 Wednesday
(SNC Prerelease April 22-26)

Orcus, Prince of Undeath

Jason Paul

Book of Exalted Deeds

Michael Robert


May 1

Zariel, Archduke of Avernus

Anthony Robert

Vorpal Sword

Chris Knight


May 8
(Mother’s Day)


James Lebar

Lawrence Dorvault

The Book of Vile Darkness

Jason Paul


May 15

Xanathar, Guild Kingpin

Sorcerer Class


May 22


Hand of Vecna


May 29


Wizard’s Spellbook


June 1
(Prerelease June 3-9)


Orb of Dragon Kind


June 12

Ebondeath, Dracolich

Eye of Vecna


June 19
Father’s Day

Old Gnawbone

Ranger Class


June 26


Werewolf Pack Leader


July 3

Icing Death

Yaun-Ti Malison


July 10

Inferno of the Star Mounts

Adult Gold Dragon

July 17

Store Championship.- The Quest takes a momentary Respite. Stay tuned for more details. (This is also known as a dramatic pause)


July 23

Placeholder – In case this event becomes necessary


July 24


No Door Prize for this event.


The details:

-The first place prize each week will be awarded to the person who is ranked in first place by the eventlink software at the conclusion of the tournament’s final round. 

-For the first couple of weeks on Wednesday Nights, we will be keeping the event to 3 rounds.

-We reserve the right after that point to add additional rounds of swiss as necessary. The number of rounds will be confirmed at the start of the player meeting. 

-The player meeting will begin at the listed start time of the event. First round will begin 5 minutes after the event’s posted start time.

-The doorprize will be drawn at the beginning of the event’s final round. In the event that the winner of the event also won the door prize, the winner will get to choose which of the two cards they would like to keep, and a new door prize winner will be selected from among the remaining participants. 

-In the event that there are no players in attendance for a week’s qualifier, those cards will return to A Muse N Games prize pool to be used for future events not associated with the Quest for Tiamat.

-In the event that only one player is present at the start of the event, at 15 minutes past the event start time, the player will get to select which of the two prize cards they would like to be awarded. The remaining card will return to A Muse N Games prize pool to be used for future events not associated with the Quest for Tiamat.  

-Players are encouraged to register in advance for the event. If a player is unable to attend the event in person but they have registered in advance, they will be awarded a loss for their first round match 15 minutes after the round has started, they will be dropped from the event, but they will remain in the draw for the door prize.

-If a player who registered in advance for the tournament, and was dropped for being late arrives prior to the beginning of a subsequent round, they can be readded to the event and play the remaining rounds. 

-Each week the highest ranking player in the event who has not already qualified for the invitational final on the 24th of July will earn an invitation. 

-In the event that all players participating in a weekly qualifier have qualified for the invitational, that seat will be made available to a participant in the last chance qualifier (July 23rd). 

-Players who have qualified for the invitational agree to have their real names listed as qualifiers on the A Muse N Games Website. 

-Players participating in these events are required to have a Wizards of the Coast Account except where prohibited by law. 

Last Chance Qualifier

-In the event that one or more seats in the final are unable to be filled through the 16 weeks of qualifiers, those remaining seats will be filled through a Last Chance Qualifier held on Saturday July 23rd. Full details for the Last Chance Qualifier will be announced on or before July 10th. 

The Finale

-The Finale for the Quest for Tiamat will be hosted at A Muse N Games on Sunday July 24th.
– To play in this event you must have qualified by earning a spot in one of the Quest for Tiamat Weekly Qualifiers (Or Last Chance Qualifier if Necessary) 

– The Champion of this event wins a Tiamat Ampersand Foil. 

– Deck Lists are required for this event. 

– Deck Lists are to be submitted no later than 10pm Saturday July 23 to info(at)

– Deck Lists must be in a PDF format. Any other deck list submissions will be returned. PDF Must Contain player’s real name, and email address associated with the Player’s Wizards Account.

-A Muse N Games reserves the right to stream this event. Participating in this event gives consent to using your image and likeness in any marketing related to this event, and following this event.

-Currently the Wizards of the Coast Eventlink Software does not allow for a cut smaller than a Top 8. This event will have a Top 4 Cut after 4 Rounds of Swiss. If the Eventlink software has the functionality to cut to a top 4 by July 24th, we will cut to a top 4 within the event. Otherwise We will have the 4 finalists enroll in a new event. 

A Muse N Games reserves the right to update this event with additional information or frequently asked questions if necessary.