Here’s the low down on what’s happening this weekend with Tabletop Day including sales, promos, and prize giveaways!

20% off lowest marked price on all Heroclix
20% off lowest marked price on all Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing
20% off all Werewolf: The Apocalypse books and Supplements.

Special Purchases
Magic The Gathering: Dragons Maze Pre-Release Packs $20
Spend $50 on Munchkin and be entered to win a swanky XL Munchkin hoodie with Hoodie Munchkin Cards

Play and win
Win a game of Fluxx and get a promo pack of cards (while supplies last, we’ve got a stack but fluxx can be a fast game)
Win 7 wonders get a Wil Wheaton Leader promo card (limit 1)
plus other Fun Promos throughout the Day πŸ™‚

Games planned (plus other demos):
From 1-4pm (approx) Crop Cycle with Designer Trevor LehmanCarcassonne Hunters and Gatherers
Pandemic Contagion
7 Wonders
Sentinel of The Multiverse
5 Tribes
Eldritch Horror with Expansions
Dead of Winter
Say Bye to the Villains