Star Wars destiny Prime Championship

Saturday, february 29 11:00am

Early Bird $25 (Ends January 25, 2020)
Regular at door $30

Capped at 32 Players

Registration/Check-In 11:00am
Player Meeting 11:45am
First Round Pairing 11:55am
Rounds Starts 12:00pm

 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will Covert Missions Cards and Dice be legal for this event? 
A: No. The official release for this product is not until at least March 6th. New product is not legal for use in Competitive Level FFG events of Prime or higher until 11 days after the official release date. 

Q: Is a deck list required for this event?
A: Yes, a deck list is required. We prefer decklists to be submitted in advance of the event via email to info(at)