Operation Take The Hill

Operation Take the Hill is an Entanglement event we are hosting on July 28th that puts players on a smaller field of battle and provides special rules for the duration of the event. The event will be played in 3-4 Swiss rounds (as players desire). Players who cannot play all the rounds are encouraged to come out on the following Tuesday to play out their rounds.

Entanglement Info

An Entanglement event involves players playing 1v1 and requires games to be played on a 3’x3’ field of battle instead of the traditional 6’x3’ field. Players must build an army with a maximum of 500 points and must include the following units:

  • 1 Commander unit
  • 2-4 Corps units
  • 0-1 Special Forces units
  • 0-1 Support units
  • 0-1 Heavy units
  • 0-1 Operative units

Each round is 75 minutes long.

For this Operation, players must use the battle builder (shown below) to define the battlefield instead of using battle cards. Starting with the blue player, players take turns choosing a category and eliminating the top remaining option in that category. A player may also forfeit their opportunity to eliminate an option if they wish to do so. After each player has had two opportunities to eliminate an option, the top remaining option is used during the battle. If players eliminate the first three options in a category, they
cannot eliminate the final option.

operation take the hill battle builder


Core Prize Card – Ambush Command – Receive One after completing One Game

take the hill aim token

Elite Prize Item – Aim Token – Receive One after completing Three Games

take the hill best painted support

Painting Award – Best Painted Support Unit