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Are you the type of player who likes to show off not only your own skill at Magic, but the immense prowess of your creatures? Well, here’s a budget deck for you: Burn Beneath My Genius.

 Mage-Ring Bully
4x Mage-Ring Bully
4x Umara Entangler
4x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Stormchaser Mage
16 Total

3x Fiery Impulse
4x Slip Through Space
4x Titan’s Strength
3x Treasure Cruise
4x Anticipate
4x Kindled Fury
22 Total

11x Mountain
11x Island
22 Total

 So the concept behind this deck is pretty simple, but the intricacies are what make it fun to play. The way to pilot this deck is: get creatures then cast non-creature spells. All of your creatures cost either one or two mana, so getting an early board presence shouldn’t be an issue for this deck. Once you’ve established a couple creatures, all you have to do is drop your non-creature spells (which are equally as cheap) and just beat your opponent into quick submission. Cards like Slip Through Space and Kindled Fury either let you completely avoid blockers or they let you come out alive after a block. Treasure Cruise can refill your hand and Anticipate can help dig for a crucial card in a tight spot (or it can just be another Prowess trigger).

 As for sideboarding, the choices are fairly open. Tears of Valakut and Roast are solid option for removal, the only choice being if you want to blast a walker or a flier. Negate and Overwhelming Denial are good for when you’re running up against a control deck that’s trying to kill your creatures. You could throw in a couple Wastes as well and run Warping Wail if you’re looking for a more utilitarian card to throw into the sideboard (especially against those annoying Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy players). Boiling Earth can sweep any tokens off the board that are blocking you and Dragon Fodder can create some tokens to chump your opponents’ things.  

 So, that’s Burn Beneath My Genius. It’s a fun, quick deck that’s sure to lead you to some fun games!