Star Wars Unlimited Casual Constructed – Saturday July 13 @6PM


Welcome to our Star Wars Unlimited Casual Constructed Evening!

Entry fee: $10 +tax

Players will be using their own 50 card constructed deck to participate.

This is a casual come and go event, players are encouraged to play different players but you can play the same player more than once if that works better. The event will kick off at 6pm and tables will be available until we close at 10pm. There are no rounds you do not have to be here for the whole 4 hours come for as many or as few games as you want.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.

Players can earn up to 10 points at this event, which will determine the prizing they are eligible for (see below).

We will be awarding points as follows:

Play a game - 1 point
Win a game - 1 point
Teach a new player how to play (must be in the store) - 2 points
Wear something Star Wars - 1 point


  • Players will be getting a Set 2 Weekly Play Pack for participating
  • Earn at least 4 points: Get a Set 1 Weekly Promo Pack
  • Top 2 point earners: Each will get either a Moff Gideon or Dinn, The Mandalorian Judge promo, determined randomly.
    • In the event of a tie with 3 or more players with 10 points, we'll do a draw, and 2 players will be awarded the promos.


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