Kids D&D Adventures – Earth Hum Caverns Part 2


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Whether for glory, greed, or fate our heroes have entered the Earth Hum Caverns, the underground home of various subterranean beasties. There’s more to these tunnels than it first appears though, and the forces of elemental earth are marshaling throughout. Can they conquer the Caverns, or will elemental earth erode them away?

This adventure is a one-part adventure for kids aged 8-13, and the cost of admission includes a character sheet, a set of polyhedral dice, and a dynamic, immersive experience with an experienced Dungeon Master!  If your child has never played before, included in the session is a short learn-to-play at the beginning, where they will be given the knowledge they need to step into tabletop role-playing and the ability to choose from a selection of premade characters.

If your child knows how to play and played they can show up for 12:30pm for check in and be ready to go for 12:45pm when the adventure will begin.

Please note that all children under the age of 12 require an adult to remain in the store at all times.  Seating is available for the supervisory adult.