Keyforge Casual Thursday @7PM – July 18



The aember is charging, the keys are waiting, the vault is primed, let's play some Keyforge!

Weekly casual Keyforge play is for all skill & experience levels!

Players are welcome to play any format they would like:

  • Bring out a favourite deck and battle against opponents in the Archon format
  • Pick up a new deck and play some Sealed
  • Revist an old classic and play some Adaptive, Reversal or Triad (you can find explanations of how these now retired formats work here)
  • Or, try out the newest offical Keyforge format in Alliance!

What's Alliance?

To compete in the Alliance format, players will take 3 house pods (the 12 cards in a house form a "house pod") from up to 3 different Keyforge decks from the same set release and shuffle them together as a single Alliance deck.

  • All 3 house pods must be from different houses (no building a triple Logos deck)
  • Your Alliance deck can only include one card from the Alliance Restricted List and you can't have more copies of that card than allowed on the Restricted List
  • The current Alliance Restricted List can be found on the final page of the Keyforge Tournament Rules & Guidlines


Prizing will be pulled from previous FFG Keyforge Chainbound OP kits, with the exact items and distribution TBD

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