Commander Legends Prerelease @ Home


This is a Prerelease at home event to celebrate the launch of Commander Legends. We are offering 2 formats for you to choose between, Draft, which consists of 3 boosters of Commander Legends, or Sealed, which consists of 6 boosters of Commander Legends. The event will be running from Friday, November 13th until Thursday, November 19th. If you register in advance you will be able to pick up your Prerelease package beginning at 11am on Friday, November 13th.

With the prerelease, we are providing an alt art promo card of Sengir, The Dark Baron per player who registers in the Magic Companion App. To ensure that we have your Prerelease packs and Promo card ready to go, please have any players in your playgroup (participating in your group buy) register in the event before picking up your Prerelease packs. Here is a link to the companion app home page:

DCI numbers have been retired. If you, or any of the players in your playgroup, have not created a Wizard’s Account, you will need to create a new account.

Please ensure each player has created a profile in the app, and linked it to their Wizards of the Coast Account. We encourage players to use the same email address for their Wizards Account that they use for Arena.

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Draft, Sealed

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