Undo Forbidden Knowledge


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Cemetery in the swamp, July 1923: A man in his late twenties stands with a horrified face at an open crypt. The sparse light of his lantern shows a staircase leading down into the depths. Next to him are a backpack, a spade and a telephone, whose cable follows the stairs into the darkness. "Get lost! Get lost! Put the plate on it and PISS OFF", it roars panically from the receiver. "I won't let you down, Harley," he says in a trembling voice. As he does so, his gaze wanders to the heavy gravestone that has been pushed aside, "Do you hear me, Harley?", he shouts. A crack of the phone makes him pause. A muffled, rapt, gelatinous voice comes out, "Harley's dead, you fool." The man begins to laugh hysterically. To protect his own spirit, his heart fails and he falls lifeless to the ground.

With Forbidden Knowledge, another title appears in the innovative UNDO series of games. This time, players are transported into the fantastic world of H.P. Lovecraft. Together they decide in which order they will travel back to different points in the victim's life. In this way they gradually explore the background of death. Will they be able to prevent it?