• Delightfully fun card game for children 4-7 years old
  • Quality card deck contains 40 beautifully illustrated cards of farm and wild animals.
  • Players flip over the cards at the same time and when a player sees the cards are both farm or both jungle animals, they make the sound of their card!
  • Rules in many languages.

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"Moooooo! Baaaaaa! A beggar-my-neighbour card game where players make the cries of farm or wild animals. Easy, fun.... and completely crazy!"

The game contains a deck with 40 cards with different animals in two categories: wild animals and pets.

All players must show in the same time the top card from his own deck. If a player sees an animal of the same category of his card should imitate the sound of his animal. The faster player wins the cards in the table from his category.

Wins the player who collects all the cards.