Previously Played Keyforge Deck


These previously owned Keyforge decks were traded in for various reasons. Sometimes a player had too many of a single house, or didn't like a house in the deck. Sometimes the player didn't enjoy how the deck played.


We have not checked the following regarding the decks:
-Whether or not they had previously been registered in the master vault. We assume that they have, but if you get an Æmber shard for registering the deck in the mastervault - good for you!

- The SAS, AERC, or Rankey rating for the deck. We've had players buy used decks surprised at how high a caliber the deck is.

Our goal with offering these previously owned decks - Give a player who is looking for a specific house or combination of houses a chance to grab a deck with the mix they want.


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Decks in stock

Griggs the Admirably Artful, Masha, Zephyrlaunch Expert, Townsend of Taranhaven, Svidana the Balanced, Paragrump, the Painter of Statistics, Zebramonk, Gate Seer, The Mrs. of Candleville, The Monsieur of Northhenge, Halffoppe, Ravine Minister, Svizil, Peak Chieftain, Kent the Futilely Morbid


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