Keyforge: Winds of Exchange 2 Player Starter


This product released August 4 2023

KeyForge is back and with it comes the perfect starter set.

For players wanting to get started with KeyForge, the new starter is the perfect entry point for two players. Learn KeyForge by following a step-by-step tutorial using two pre-constructed decks and an easy to follow learn-to-play booklet (and online video). Included are all the tokens necessary to battle in the Crucible as well as two sealed decks from the latest KeyForge set. Entering the Crucible can be dangerous for even the most seasoned Archon. Make sure your players receive the best training necessary to make they mark in a world of infinite possibilities.

Keyforge's sixth set Winds of Exchange, adds a number of exciting new elements of the game, not least the new House Ekwidon, which uses trade and manipulation to get ahead, and the new Token Creature mechanic which sees every Winds of Exchange deck assigned one of 36 token creatures that adds special flavor to the uniqueness and flavor of each deck.

In addition to a whole new batch of cards and mechanics, Winds of Exchange also introduces the game's eleventh house, the Compacts of Ekwidon.

This is a mercantile house founded by the asymmetrical Getrookya, and it's all about themes of trade and exchange. Joining the Ekwidon are six returning houses, including Brobnar, Sanctum, Saurians, Star Alliance, Unfathomable, and the long-awaited return of Mars!

Key Points:

  • Learn-to-play starter with comprehensive KeyForge printed rules
  • Step-by-Step how to play instructions with two pre-constructed learn-to-play decks
  • Includes two sealed KeyForge decks
  • Includes all tokens required to play for two players
  • The definitive KeyForge entry point

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