Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Archon Display Box

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This product released August 4 2023

In KeyForge each 36-card deck is unique in the world! That's right...thanks to magic of digital printing, nobody else un the universe will have that unique combination of cards but you!

KeyForge Players take the role of Archons seeking to gather the powerful Æmber so they may unlock the secrets of The Crucible––the strange construct world they inhabit. Assisted by inhabitants and other powers of The Crucible, players seek a sufficient amount Æmber to be first to forge their third Vault Key to win the game!

KeyForge is designed by no other than the creator of Magic: The Gathering, the legendary Richard Garfield.

Winds of Exchange is the sixth KeyForge set and the first published by Ghost Galaxy!  Winds of Exchange features hundreds of new cards, including the new Traders of Ekwidon faction and introduces a major new mechanic in the form of token creatures!

Each Winds of Exchange deck display contains 12 Winds of Exchange decks

Meet the Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon, a vast network of traders obsessed with making deals and new investments across the Crucible. They are masters of subtly gaining the upper hand in any situation.

Master one of the defining characteristics of Winds of Exchange, the Token Creature mechanic. Every deck will come with a designated token creature card which acts as the template for all “token creatures” that your deck generates via card effects.

Key Points:

  • Winds of Exchange introduces new House Ekwidon
  • This set introduces an all new Token Creature mechanic
  • Every KeyForge deck is unique
  • Ghost Galaxy’s inaugural KeyForge set
  • New Alliance OP Format introduces new ways to play
  • Summer/Fall 2023 "Vault Tour" will promote KeyForge

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