Flesh and Blood Tales of Aria Prerelease


Tales of Aria Pre-Release
this event will be hosted entirely instore. Limited to 16 seats, masks, proof of vaccination and ID will be required to participate. Event begins at 1pm, store opens at 11am. Please arrive by 12:45 to ensure we can get everyone checked in and start the event on time.


The format for the prerelease is sealed deck. Each participant will be provided 6 boosters and will need to make a minimum 30 card deck. We are splitting the prerelease into 2 pods of 8, if it is possible to host in store one of them will be in store and the other will be via webcam and both will be 3 rounds. If we are unable to host instore it will be one large tournament via webcam and will be 4 rounds assuming we have over 8 players. @home via webcam prerelease participants will be able to pick up their boosters after 3pm CST Friday Sept 17th. GEM code for the event will be provided closer to the event.

Additional information


In store, @home via webcam