Legend of the Five Rings @ Home League Month 2



Legend of the Five Rings LCG
@Home League Month 2

Purpose: To give our L5R community an opportunity to reconnect and play with the new cards that have recently been released. This is a casual league that is focused on enabling players to play games in a safe manner, and discover the different avenues for play.

Month 2 League Dates:
Week 1 - August 15 to August 21
Week 2 - August 22 to August 28
Week 3 - August 29 to September 4
Week 4 - September 5 to September 11
Week 5- September 12 to September 18
Week 6- September 19 to September 25

How to Register for the league:
Players may register for the league at any time.
Players have the options on how to register for the league -
1) Register in store (Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm)
2) Register online  by adding the week or month you wish to participate in to your cart
3) Register via etransfer. Etransfers can be sent to info@amusengames.ca (If choosing the e-transfer option, and you are able to add comments to your etransfer, please include your name, telephone #, email address, and discord ID in the comments. If you aren't able to include comments, please send an email after sending the e-transfer with that information.)

How to interact with other players in the league:
All league communication will be handled through the A Muse N Games discord server. Join it here -
[Not familiar with Discord? Using the above link will help you register and begin your adventures with Discord!]

How the league works:
Players will have the three following options to play league games.
1) If two league members are part of a shared social circle, and are comfortable meeting and playing a game in a safe location. They are welcome to complete league games in person.
2) Players can play games over webcam using any agreed upon method between the players. (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Discord Challenge Room, etc.)
3) Player can complete games using Jigoku Online, a browser based resource to facilitate remote L5R Play.

How do we keep track of games played?
Players will record their matches here:
Marking W for a win, or L for a Loss under the opponent's name.

Each week runs from Saturday to Friday.
For this league, we're going to change the promo card distribution based on changes to the kit from FFG.
There's still going to be one promo awarded for enrolling in the league each week.
There will be an additional promo awarded as long as you play at least one game.

The change up, is we'll be issuing a promo card each week to the player with the most wins, and to the player with the most games played.
(A Player can only earn one of the two, if a player earns both, the second card will be passed to another player.)
The card for Most Wins / Most Games played is the same promo, and will be the same promo through all 6 weeks of the league.

Frequently asked Questions:
-If I'm enrolled in the league but I don't have time that week to play a game, will I still receive the league participation promo for the week? Yes. Hopefully you'll be able to find the time to chat with fellow league players!

-Can I play more then 3 league games a week? Absolutely. This is how you can earn the most games played award, but we encourage players who want to get in extra games help out those who are having challenges getting games in.

-If there are card packs available on Jigoku, that aren't physically available yet, are we allowed to use them? If both players are okay with that, absolutely.

-When can I get the promos?
The previous week's promos will be available for pickup the day after the current week end. For example promos from July 18-24 will be available for pickup starting on July 25th.

-Do I have to pick up my promos right away?
Ideally we'd love it if you could pick them up at least once a month.

-I don't live in Winnipeg, can I participate? Absolutely! We can make arrangements to ship you your promos once the league wraps up. Please contact us for more information.

Additional information

Month 2

Week 1 Aug 15-21, Week 2 Aug 22-28, Week 3 Aug 29-Sep 4, Week 4 Sep 5-11, Week 5 Sep 12-18, Week 6 Sep 19-25, Monthly League Pass Aug 15-Sep 25