L5R Atonement Dynasty Pack L5C34


The pursuit of honor lies at the core of samurai life. Though different clans may seek to attain honor in different ways, or even have different definitions of what it means, at least maintaining the appearance of honor is essential to life in Rokugan—and no less essential for your games of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Atonement, the sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle, offering every clan a host of new ways to fight for their honor.

As the sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle, the cards in this pack command attention with the new eminent and rally keywords, while also giving every Great Clan the tools they need to fight for honor. With a new Dragon stronghold, two new province cards, a World Champion-designed card, and a card created in conjunction with the Legend of the Five Rings community, Atonement is a Dynasty Pack that no fan will want to miss.

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