L5R Novella The Eternal Knot L5N04


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The Eternal Knot contains a 112-page story, a sixteen-page color insert, and three copies of two extended art cards for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The Dragon Clan has a reputation for being reclusive and mysterious, and none of its people are more enigmatic than the monks of the Togashi Tattooed Order. The ways of this “family” are almost unrecognizable to most samurai, and the powers of their tattoos defy explanation. Each provides a unique form of power, the source of which is known only to a select few.

When Togashi Kazue receives a mysterious new tattoo she struggles to understand its purpose. But as the mystery unravels, she discovers her new power may pose a danger to all. Why was Kazue given this tattoo? What does it mean for the Dragon Clan, and the young monk herself? Discover the answers to these questions in this 112-page story!

“The Eternal Knot” also contains a color insert detailing the history of Rokugan’s most enigmatic clan. From the towering High House of Light to the tattoos that imbue their monks with mysterious power, the Dragon are detailed with beautiful art in this sixteen-page insert.