Mascarade – New Edition


Don your mask at the right moment and use its power to amass a fortune or trick your opponents. But masks will be swapped so often that you may begin to doubt your own identity! On your turn, choose one of these three actions: Secretly look at your mask; exchange, or pretend to exchange, your mask with another player; or use your mask’s power. The first player to get 13 coins wins the game!

A THRILLING GAME OF DECEPTION: Join the Mascarade where appearances are often deceiving. King, Witch, Thief… See what’s behind the masks.

STRATEGY GAME: Don the right Mask at the right moment, use its power, and amass a fortune large enough to win the game. The task won’t be easy. Masks will be swapped between players… so often that nobody can be sure who’s hiding behind which Mask!

CHALLENGING AND COMPETITIVE: Be the first to gain 13 Coins and win the game! If a player loses all of their wealth, the game ends and the player with the most Coins wins!

HIGHLY VARIABLE: With 15 different characters, no two games are ever the same. Once you’re familiar with the game, you can come up with different combinations of Masks and make your own Scenarios.

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