09:00am- Onsite Registration/Check in Opens
09:45am- Player Meeting
10:00am – 1st Round Begins
12:30pm – 2nd Round Begins
03:00pm – 3rd Round Begins
05:00pm – Dinner Break
06:00pm – Finals (Top 2)

Event is currently planned to be 3 swiss Rounds of 120 minutes with a cut to Top 2, if we get 24 players registered by June 30, 2019 we will look at booking a larger venue and increasing the player cap, if this happens we will move to 4 rounds of Swiss still with a cut to Top 2 but either way it will be a 1 day event.  Final is a 210 minute round.

The Spoils of War

While it’s a great chance to raise your game and fight a bigger battle, a Rallypoint Qualifier is more than just another chance to prove yourself against enemy battalions—it’s also a chance for you to win an array of exclusive prizes!

Whether you claim them for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, you’ll want to use the custom prizes awarded at the 2019 Rallypoint Qualifiers to upgrade your army:

  • Participation: You’ll need troops for the battles ahead. Fortunately, you’ll get some! As soon as you arrive at your Rallypoint Qualifier, you’ll earn two alternate art participation prize cards—one Rebel Officer and one 74-Z Speeder Bikes.
  • Top 16: Battle through the front lines and into the Top 16, and you’ll claim your first performance prize—a Rebel token bag. The Rebel Alliance’s iconic logo features in white print atop this 6 by 9 inch, wide-mouthed black bag, making it an obvious place for Rebel troop commanders of all sorts to store their command tokens.
  • Top 8: By the time you reach the Top 8, you’ll be ready for any ground battle—and you’ll be able to command your Imperial army with this complete set of Imperial acrylic command tokens, which includes enough tokens of each unit type to assemble any legal Imperial army.
  • Top 4: Empire command tokens. – added after original FFG kit announcement 
  • Top 2: The resilience of your troops and the polish of your commands may very well prove the difference between victory and defeat. Accordingly, if you reach the Top 2 at a Rallypoint Qualifier, you will receive a double-sided, spot-glossed plastic card with the Rebel Officer on one side and the 74-Z Speeder Bikes on the other. The units may function the same as others, but yours will now be far more durable and refined!
  • Champion: Should you conquer the battlefield and claim the title of Rallypoint Qualifier Champion, you’ll receive a stunning art trophy, featuring the artwork featured on the alternate art Rebel Officer card. But more than this, you’ll be promoted to help your side win an even bigger battle! The Champion of each 2019 Rallypoint Qualifier wins an invitation to the 2020 High Command Invitational and—by extension—takes a massive step toward qualifying for the 2020 World Championship!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m travelling from out of town, and I’d rather more games, why are you only running 3 rounds of swiss?

A: We are following Fantasy Flight Game’s tournament regulations for Legion found here. By following those rules we are ensuring that we provide a consistent experience between Rallypoint Qualifiers. For those travelling from out of town, and looking for additional Legion play we will have tables available Friday for practive in store, and we will be making arrangements for some sort of casual Legion play on the Sunday to help make the trip worth while.

Q: I see you’ve scheduled a dinner break, why is there no lunch break?

A: Because of the 2 hour tournament rounds, we’re aware that many games will finish before time is up, however games that go to time will need upto another 15 minutes to complete an in progress activation phase. After the games that went to time end, we’ll still need to enter the results, and pair the next round. By scheduling a half an hour between rounds, we’re trying to move the tournament along efficiently, while letting those players whose rounds end early know what time they need to be back if they choose to go off site for lunch.

Q: I’m wondering how a specific rules interaction is going to be ruled because it hasn’t appeared in the official rules reference from Fantasy Flight Games

A: In early August we plan to publish a list of rules questions that haven’t officially been answered, along with how we plan to rule on those situations in the absence of an official FFG Rules reference prior to the event. If you have any rulings questions please email them to info(at)

Update 08/12/2019

Q: I picked up the new Clone Wars box at Gencon, can I play Seperatists or Republic at the RPQ?

A: No. That set has not been officially released yet, and is not useable for this event. Rebels and Imperials are the only legal factions.

Q: I picked up Imperial Shore Troopers / Dewbacks at Gencon. Can I use any of these units in the RPQ?

A: No. These have not been officially released yet. Neither of these units may be used at the RPQ. Shore Troopers officially release August 30th!

Q: Are Squad lists required?

A: Yes. Squad Lists can be emailed in advance to info(at)
If you need a printed copy of your squad list, we can provide you with one.