Pathfinder Society @ A Muse N Games

Leap into Pathfinder Society at A Muse N Games!

Come to the table and leap into a new adventure on Thursday March 29th as Pathfinder Society begins at A Muse N Games! Gm’ed by William Banner, this new weekly event offers you the chance to learn and play Pathfinder second edition while participating in one of the world’s largest living campaigns! Sessions will be hosted weekly on Thursdays at 6pm until 9pm.

Pathfinder Society (PFS) is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign using the Pathfinder second edition ruleset. As you complete adventures, your character levels up, allowing you to take their treasure and experience to any table worldwide. You decide your character’s pace, playing as often as you want, without having to stick to the strict schedule of other gaming groups. Further, as a living campaign, the story reacts to player choices, allowing your actions to influence future adventures. After you complete a PFS adventure, you’ll be given a Chronicle Sheet! This contains a summary of your adventure, as well as important information about treasure, the choices you made and other rewards.

Gm’ed by William Banner of one of the most experienced game masters for Pathfinder Second edition in the prairies.  With over a decade of TTRPG experience under their belt, William has been running games of Pathfinder Second edition since its release and was also the GM of the first second edition game for Pathfinder Society in Winnipeg. 

If you have experience with other TTRPG’s but are new to Pathfinder second edition, here are a few of the differences that set it apart from other TTRPGs!

  • The Action system: In Pathfinder Second edition your characters are given 3 actions to use on their turn in any combination however they wish (you could even attack up to three times in one turn at level 1)!
  • Character Options: with over 235,200 unique character builds in the player core alone, almost any character concept can be built in Pathfinder Second Edition

Sign up in store or checkout our Pathfinder Society Events for upcoming sessions.  For more information about Pathfinder Society and how to play, you can visit the home of Pathfinder Organized Play – Lorespire.