Last year was my first experience painting miniatures. I was given a few tips from a friend and an orc to practice on. It was really fun and I have been painting miniatures for D&D here and there but it was not until the release of Star Wars Legion that I really started feeling a passion for it. So with May the Fourth coming up, I thought this would be a great time to talk about my new favourite hobby and the mental health benefits it provides!

painting miniatures troopers

I do not think of myself as a particularly good miniature painter. There are certainly tons of little details that I miss that a professional painter would ace, but it is honestly not even about the quality I put out. It is more that the actual act of painting miniatures is super addicting. It is time-consuming but it is something I can do while watching Twitch or Netflix so it does not feel like I’m doing nothing and just wasting my time watching TV.

My free time these days is pretty cramped so side-hobbies are becoming more and more difficult to be able to do. Painting miniatures is something I can casually do and not be super worried about the outcome. This way I can still output something creatively without taxing my brain, in fact, it’s relaxing. As an artist who works all day, it can be hard to want to do a hobby because I get mentally fatigued by the end of it, but painting miniatures is something I can do no matter how tired I am. It is sort of glorified colouring but it has a meditative effect on my brain.

painting miniatures luke

I do a little bit of mindfulness training as part of my self-care routine and the extremely interesting thing I have found with painting miniatures is that my brain gets a similar feeling to when I do any sort of open monitoring meditation. Essentially, mindfulness training or meditation puts my brain in a place where I am in the moment and not worried about all the craziness and stress of life and just focusing on the present. Painting miniatures does that for me and at the end of the day, I have some pretty cool miniatures I am proud of. So whether you are like me and wanting to paint some wacky stormtroopers or want to stick to the traditional colours – painting miniatures is definitely something I recommend you try.

Star Wars Legion provides so many great opportunities to paint everything. I’ve only played one actual game of Legion but the painting opportunity alone has been worth what I have purchased. Once all this painting is done, there’s also a fantastic game to play with the miniatures! What a bonus!

painting miniatures may the fourth

May the Fourth be with you this Friday! The River City Jedi will be visiting A Muse N Games putting on demonstrations while collecting food and monetary donations for the Community of Hope. There will be demos available for X-wing, Legion, Armada for sure and possibly more! Star Wars games are also 20% off so this might be the best time to pick up Legion or another game and some paints!

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