Here are the answers so some of the frequently asked question about our pre release:

Q: “I want to come for the midnight pre-release, but I don’t get off work until xx:xx, is it okay if I arrive late?”
A: Yes. However you will get to choose from what ever pre-release pack colours are available when yo
u arrive. You will also either have your deck building time reduced, or worst case scenario you will receive a first round loss.
(Deck building starts at 12:01 am, with the first round posted at 12:31)
This also applies to the Noon and 5pm prereleases.

Q: I want to come to the midnight pre-release, but how long will it last. What about Noon & 5pm?
A: No matter how many players, we are only doing 4 swiss rounds, 45 minutes each. Our goal is to wrap up by 4am.
Our Noon prerelease we are aiming to wrap that up between 4pm-4:30pm
Our 5pm prerelease we are aiming to wrap that up by 10pm. 

Q: What is the prizing?
A: There are 2 packs of Origins put into the prize pool for each player.
Any player staying until the end round 4 receives a booster, no matter what their record is. The remaining packs will be distributed among the top players.

Q: Do you still have space available?
A: Short Answer – Yes, plenty. If things are getting close to full, we will broadcast that through Twitter and Facebook.

Longer Answer – With our newly renovated lower level event area, we have an additional 32 on top of our previous 25 seats on the main level.