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Effective May 4, 2020

(A more detailed explanation is below if you want to get inside our heads a bit more)

Starting May 4th, customers will have the following options to make purchases from A Muse N Games

  • Prepay via Credit Card through this website
  • Prepay via Etransfer coordinated through Phone, E-Mail, or Social Media
  • Curbside Debit/Credit Card Payment
  • In store by Debit, Visa, Mastercard, or Cash

Customers who choose to prepay have the following options available to them:

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Home Delivery
  • In Store Pick-up

Changes / Continuing Evolution

  • Our posted in-store hours are Tuesday to Saturday 1pm-6pm.
  • We will resume offering express check-out where customers can call ahead to have their purchase ready when they arrive at the store.
  • Same day delivery guaranteed cutoff is now 4:30pm.
  • Daily Deliveries should continue to occur between 6-8pm.
  • We are limiting our instore customer capacity to 4 at any one time.
  • We have created a circuit in the store. If you want to browse you will need to follow the circuit and follow social distancing guidelines of 2m/6ft between people.
  • We  encourage customers to wear masks when visiting the store for your safety as well as ours.

As part of the reopening of non-essential businesses the Province of Manitoba requires us to limit our capacity to 10m² per customer. To achieve this we will now regularly be keeping the front door locked during regular business hours. Please call to advise you are outside if we don’t see you.

To help our customers make sure they can enter the store when they arrive, we’re encouraging customers to book their instore time ahead. The most effective way to book ahead is to click the button at the top of this article. We have also located this button at the top right hand corner of our webpage. (If you are reading this on a mobile device, you’ll find this button near the bottom of the page.)

If there is room in the store, we will accept walk-ups, but first priority will be given to customers who have booked ahead.

If you are waiting to enter, we have marked a spot 2 meters from the door. Please wait there until we signal for you to enter. This will allow others to exit safely.

The more detailed explanation

As of May 4th the Government of Manitoba has lifted the non-essential business closure and many have been reaching out to see what this means for A Muse N Games.

While we can open to the public we are required to practice social distancing (1 person/10m²) and maintain strict disinfectant routines. Due to the small size of our store we are limiting the number of people in the store to 4 and as part of doing so we will be keeping the front door locked.

If you wish to come browse in the store and not have to wait outside we encourage you to make an appointment (click on the book Appointment button.) We will continue to offer citywide Delivery and curbside pickup, we will now include payment curbside for debit or credit purchases if you wish.

The cutoff for same day delivery is being changed to 4:30pm as we expect to be busier from 4:30pm to 6pm with customers in store and stopping by for pickup.
During the two weeks leading up to the non-essential closure this was usually our busiest time, and we can’t guarantee that we can respond to emails and process online orders during this time.


Dr. Brett Roussin, Manitoba’s Chief Public Health Officer reiterated that Manitobans must stay home as much as possible, even with reopening starting May 4th. Life and business isn’t back to normal, and won’t be for some time. Fantasy Flight Games who we partner with for a large part of our organized play has asked that we suspend in-store play until at least September 1st.

Without organized in-store play, Sundays, Mondays and evenings don’t bring enough business to warrant being open in non-COVID time. For the time being we are a two person operation, in order for us to stay healthy and safe and continue to serve our communities we also need time away from the store. We will slowly be bringing staff back but most of our staff have opted to stay home for the time being as the current state of things has radically changed their lives, we want to support them in returning to work when it is best for them.

We are hard at work getting our website and e-commerce store to feel more like our store, with lots of pictures and descriptions and recommendations but all of this takes time.

We are grateful for the outpouring of concern we have had from our communities over the past 2 months it is truly humbling and we appreciate how much the space we have created has come to mean to so many of you. We hope that you understand our decisions and that we’ll continue to see you in our limited capacities until we can have a big reopening gaming-palooza.

In the meantime if you’ve read this far we’d love to see you or at least the games your playing, tag us on one of our many social media channels to let us know you’re still out there gaming, we miss you all!!!

Stay well, be patient, keep gaming,

Scotia & Brian