Keyforge Returns to A Muse N Games

Calling all Archons!

With the upcoming release of Winds of Exchange, and the return of Keyforge under the new stewardship of Ghost Galaxy, in store Ogranized Play is returning to A Muse N Games!

Every Thursday from 7-9pm we will be hosting casual, Keyforge gameplay for one and all!

All ages and skill levels welcome! (Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult)

These events will be casual, and games can be played in any format your heart desires! (see below for some format suggestions, new and old)

If you’re new to Keyforge, we recommend setting up a Master Vault account so you can keep track of your decks, and start earning Æmber towards attendance at Vault Tours and other bigger Keyforge events! For those returning to the Crucible, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to migrate your old Asmodee Master Vault account to Ghost Galaxy’s new system via the login page in the new Vault. The new Master Vault can be found here, with login, register, and account transfer all under the Login button in the top right.

Sign Up Below to come out and play & Keep Reading for How To preorder Winds of Exchange!

Thursday Casual Keyforge July 20 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge July 27 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge August 3 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge August 10 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge August 17 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge August 24 @7pm

Thursday Casual Keyforge August 31 @7pm

Winds of Exchange Celebration Event August 12 @12

    • Limited spots available!
    • Players will receive a Winds of Exchange Prerelease pack containing 3 unique WOE Archon decks and a Chain Tracker
    • Build your best Alliance deck from your kit and battle against your fellow archons! (Click here to jump to our explanation of the Alliance format below)

winds of exchange!

Are you prepared for an exchange? Travel the lands and prepare to barter in Winds of Exchange, the sixth expansion for KeyForge.

Winds of Exchange will see the return of 6 houses from previous sets (the mighty brawlers of Brobnar, the synergistic little green folks of Mars, the dogmatic knights and crusaders of the Sanctum, the imperial dinosaurs of the Saurian Republic, the starfaring scientists and explorers of the Star Alliance, and the deep see denizens of Unfathomable) and the introduction of the Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon, a vast network of traders obsessed with making deals and new investments across the Crucible.

Winds of Exchange also introduces the new Token Creature mechanic to the Crucible. Every deck will come with a designated token creature card which acts as the template for all “token creatures” that your deck generates via card effects.

The Mars Grunt is one example Token Creature you may encounter in the Winds of Exchange. Each of the 7 houses has 4 possible Token Creatures that may show up in your decks!


Winds of Exchange preorders available now!

Preorder individual Archon decks, display boxes of decks (12 decks/box) and the 2-player starter set which includes 2 teaching decks, all the tokens and markers you need to get started, and 2 unique Archon decks:

Keyforge Winds of Exchange Archon Deck

Keyforge Winds of Exchange Archon Display Box (12 Archon Decks)

Keyforge Winds of Exchange 2-Player Starter Set 


Winds of Exchange Adventures!

The release of Winds of Exchange sees the offical release of formerly print-and-play Keyforge Adventures and the release of a third, brand new Adventure.

Keyforge Adventures are unique cooperative game modules in which 1-3 players work together to overcome some great challenge or danger to the Crucible and its denizens.

The retail versions of the formerly print-and-play Adventures include a new “Nightmare” mode with extra cards and new, harder challenges.

Preorder your Keyforge Adventures today!

Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Adventures: Rise of the Keyraken

Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Adventures: Abyssal Conspiracy

Keyforge: Winds of Exchange Adventures: Fall of the House Gormangeist 


keyforge gameplay variations to try:

There are a number of fun and exciting ways to play Keyforge! If you’re looking for suggestions or inspiration for Thursday night, why not try one of the following formats!

The Archon format sees players battle with any one of their Keyforge decks, new or old, to forge their 3 keys and defeat their opponent.

    • Bring a deck and battle in this classic format!

Sealed Archon allows players to discover a brand new Keyforge deck and use it to compete with their opponents.

    • Pick up a new deck in store and discover its secrets in battle!

The Alliance format is the newest format to hit the Crucible! Build an Alliance deck of your own using parts of up to 3 of your Archon decks!

    • To build your Alliacne deck, take 3 house pods (the 12 cards in a house form a “house pod”) from up to 3 different Keyforge decks from the same set release and shuffle them together as a single Alliance deck.
    • All 3 house pods must be from different houses (no building a triple Logos deck)
    • Your Alliance deck can only include one card from the Alliance Restricted List and you can’t have more copies of that card than allowed on the Restricted List
    • The current Alliance Restricted List can be found on the final page of the Keyforge Tournament Rules & Guidlines
    • Please sleeve your Alliance deck in opaque backed sleeves so that the different card backs aren’t visible
    • The new Master Vault includes an Alliance Deck Builder to help you build and track your Alliance decks
    • You can also play Alliance Sealed by purchasing 3 new decks from one set and building an Alliance deck from them
        • Sealed Alliance decks do not have to follow the Alliance Restricted List

For a blast from the past, try the Adaptive, Reversal or Triad formats! They’re no longer official, but that doesn’t make them less fun!

    • Adaptive is a best-of-3 format where you play your own Archon deck for game 1, swap decks with your opponent for game 2, and then, if there is a game 3, bid Chains to use the deck which won both of the previous games.
        • The player who brought the deck starts by bidding 0 chains, and then the players take turns outbidding each other until a player declines to bid higher. The player who bid the highest uses that deck for the third game (with their bid number of chains applied at the start)
    • Reversal lets your more challenging and difficult to win with decks shine!
        • Bring a deck from your collection that is tough to win with and temporarily swap decks with your opponent for each match
        • Experience new and quirky decks, and try your best to win with a deck your opponent chose for you!
    • Triad is a best-of-3 format where you bring 3 decks to the match. Then, your opponent will chooses one of your decks to “bench,” making that deck unusable.
        • When a player wins a game, they must switch to their other deck for the rest of the match. This means that a player must win a game with each of their non-benched decks to win the match.

If you have any questions or need some help, reach out to us via the blue Messenger button in the bottom right corner of the website, or join our discord here and look for the keyforge channel, or stop by the store. We’re always happy to help.