A Muse N Games is returning to organized play with the Innistrad Midnight Hunt Prerelease for Magic the Gathering. 

Proof of vaccination* as well as masks will be required to play in store.

You can register for prerelease online here.

For the instore events we will be using the Magic Companion app & Eventlink. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, with setting up an account or downloading the app we are happy to assist you. 

Prereleases will be at limited capacity so book early if you wish to attend in store. Our largest prereleases are Saturday at 8am and Saturday at 6pm.

We are still offering Buy 5 Prereleases get your 6th one free, but as we currently only have 5 instore prereleases scheduled you will need to add the instore prereleases you wish to attend in to your cart, then add enough @home prereleases to make a total of 6 prereleases in your cart. Add the coupon code b5get6pre (it is not case sensitive). In order to make this work you can’t have anything besides the 6 prereleases in your cart, we apologize for the inconvenience.

@Home prereleases will receive 2 packs of prizing per kit, prizing for this set is Set Boosters. If you are wanting to do Buy 5 get 6th free @Home you can just purchase that option as a single item, no coupon is required. 

If we have enough kits closer to the event we may add some additional events on the weekdays leading up to release.  

*In the event you are unable to be vaccinated you can provide proof of this issued by the government of Manitoba. 

Drop a pin in your google maps to remember our new location:
576 Wall St Winnipeg MB R3G 2T3