The battle between the Alliance and the Empire continues this spring at A Muse N Games!

The Spring League will consist of 3 dates, helping players prepare for the Imperial Assault Regional Championships June 28, 2015. (An early June date(s?) will be added with a new kit in the future) If you are a new player interested in learning how to play Imperial Assault keep reading to the bottom:

The dates for the spring league are:

Sunday March 15, 2pm
Sunday April 12, 2pm
Sunday May 3, 2pm

What you need to bring with you:
Your own copy of Imperial Assault
Players should  have their rules marked with your name.

The league will work as follows:
Each date will be a separate tournament using standard Imperial Assault tournament rules:  

The League will be scored as follows:
Attend a league session: 1 Point
Play a different army* then in any previous sessions: 2 Points
Win a Match: 2 Points
Lose a Match: 1 Point
Win a session: 2 Points

*To classify as a “different” army. 50% of your build must be different from any previous army.

Each player participating in the league will receive an alt-art Stormtrooper (If there are more than 17 players the top 5 players will be asked to forgo their Stormtroopers.)
The top 5 players in the league will have their choice of:
strormtrooper Medal (1)
Luke Skywalker alt-art card (2)
Imperial Assault Satin Dice Bag(1)

The Winner of each session will receive a Stormtrooper Dice Bag

Additional prizes will be awarded dependent on # of players participating in the league. Entry for each session is $5. Entry fees will be rolled into prize support.

League Standings

Player                           Points
Cliff                                    14
Nathan                             12
James                                10
Steve                                  9
Dan                                   5
Karl                                   4
Darren                             4
As of  May 3

March 15
April 12