Hour of Devastation League

Hour of Devastation League Kickoff is on Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 pm. Regular League meetups will be on Sundays starting July 30 at 2:00 pm and run until the finale on August 13.

To enter the league, a player gets 3 packs of Hour of Devastation for $20.

  • Players will open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck
  • The Hour of Devastation League will last three weeks. (Players may enter the league at any point during the league)
  • After every 3 losses, or once each week, players can add an additional pack of Amonkhet or Hour of Devastation to their card pool for $6 (taxes included)
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game
  • Players can bring their Hour of Devastation League decks and play games throughout the week in addition to getting together on Sunday afternoons for league day!
  • Prizing will include various promos, foils, and other goodies, depending on total players involved in the Hour of Devastation League

Hour of Devastation League is a great way to get started into playing Magic the Gathering if you’re a first time player or a great way to introduce your favourite game to a friend who has never played or is just learning. We provide a great atmosphere for new players as the staff as well as other players will be around to assist with deckbuilding and helping teach the game. Everyone has the same deckbuilding restrictions so you do not have to worry about being blown out by players with $200+ decks that are tuned perfectly for the meta. Every deck has a lot of flavour and exciting new strategies can be found playing in the Hour of Devastation League. Feel free to come by the store to ask any questions about the league or Magic the Gathering in general!