hardcore 24 brawl

Introducing the Hardcore 24 Brawl Tournament! Recently Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic: The Gathering announced a new format called Brawl.

Many of our customers have been inspired by the Brawl Format, and many more are curious to try out Brawl, and see what it’s all about. In conjunction with the Magic Open House, we are hosting this unique one of a kind event with some special participation prizes!

If you’ve never played Magic before, come on down, we will have  free learner decks available to teach the basics of Magic, once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be ready to Brawl!

Don’t have a Brawl Deck of your own, and no time to build one? No Problem! We will have a variety of Brawl decks available for purchase for $5 each!

How does the Hardcore 24 Brawl Work?

  •  Come in anytime between 6pm Friday (April 13) , to 6pm Saturday, and register for the event. You’ll receive your score-sheet, Brawl Event Identifier, and be entered in a draw to win an A Muse N Games Laptop/Messenger bag! (No Purchase Necessary)
  • Play as many, or as few Brawl Games against other Brawl tournament participants in store as you wish!
  • Both 1v1 and multi-player Brawl games will count towards the tournament results.
  • For this special tournament, A Muse N Games will stay open from 11am Friday, until 6pm Saturday!
  • Each player who records at least 10 games of Brawl will receive a foil promo (win or lose!)
  • There will be two ultimate prizes: The “Heavenly Inferno” deck featuring Kaalia, and the “Evasive Maneuvers” deck featuring Derevi, both from the Commander Anthology 2017!
  • The player with the most wins will get first choice between the two decks. The player who played the most games will receive the other deck.
    • Players do not have to be present at 6pm to win. When you’re finished your games, turn in your score sheet, and at 6pm we’ll tally up the winners!

More details:

  1. Players may not record more then three consecutive games versus a single opponent.
  2. You must play three games against at least one other opponent before returning to an opponent that you played three consecutive games against.
  3. Only games against other Hardcore 24 Brawl tournament participants may be recorded.
  4.  You can use any Brawl deck for tournament games.
  5. You do not have to use the same deck throughout the tournament.
  6. There is nothing wrong with altering your deck throughout the tournament. Just not during a game.
  7. You may challenge any other Hardcore 24 Brawl player at any time they have their identifier visible, except for when they are already playing another game of Magic.
  8. You must be able to see the person to challenge them. [Don’t challenge someone in the Washroom.]
  9. If someone declines your challenge – you gain a victory – but you may not challenge them for the next 2 hours.
  10. If you decline a challenge from someone, you may not challenge them for 2 hours.
    [9&10 are in place so two player’s can’t game the system by conceding to each other back and forth]
  11. Each player will be responsible for getting his opponent’s signature on his or her sheet.
  12. Scoring sheets will be paper and results should be tracked in Pen.
  13. Results must be legible – If we can’t read ’em they don’t count.
  14. No more then 15 of your victories can come from any 1 player. You can play anyone as many times as you want though.
  15. Have fun!