Have you ever wondered what Keyforge was all about? Do you LOVE Keyforge but want more of your friends to play? Then this is the promotion you’ve been waiting for!

For the month of February (2020) bring a friend to Keyforge and they will receive a FREE Keyforge deck from the Age of Ascension set as well as FREE* entry into that days tournament.

We host Keyforge tournaments every Monday night with alternating formats as well as a monthly Keyforge tournament. Here are the dates and formats for the month of February:

Sunday February 2 @ 12pm (archon)
Monday February 3 @ 7pm (archon)
Monday February 10 @ 7pm (sealed)**
Monday February 17 @ 7pm (archon)
Monday February 24 @ 7pm (sealed)**

All our Keyforge Tournaments include participation prizes for all attendees as well as prizes for the top players. 

To read more about Keyforge check out https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/keyforge/

*To receive a FREE deck and FREE entry into a tournament the friend must have a Master Vault account and be able to sign into it. They also can’t have played Keyforge at A Muse N Games since Feb 1, 2019. 

**For sealed events the free deck is Age of Ascencion and will be used to play in the tournament.