In response to customer feedback, effective July 3 2015 we are implementing the following changes to Commander:

  • All Official FNM Commander Games will have a 90 minute time limit.
  • The 7:30 Flight of Commander will now be split into Competitive & Casual Pools.

What do these changes mean?

Casual Commander

Casual Commander is intended for newer players, or players looking for a non-competitive games with lower power level decks.

  • Entry fee is $6 (including taxes) per flight.
  • Each player participating in casual Commander will receive a standard booster pack at the conclusion of the flight.
  • FNM exclusive foil cards will be awarded at the organizers discretion for fun or unique interactions typically referred to as “style points”. Players are encouraged to nominate something from their table that they feel was good for style points.
  • The 9:30 Flight of Commander will continue to feature at least one table of Planechase Commander.

Competitive Commander

Competitive Commander is intended for players who want to test their mettle against the strongest possible competition.

  • As long as there are at least 8 players registered for competitive Commander, a revised Dual Land will be offered as the first place prize. If fewer than 8 players register, an appropriate single card will be offered as prize support.
  • Entry fee is $6 (including taxes).
  • Games will be single elimination.
  • Players will be placed into pods of 3-5 players. (4 is the preferred #)
  • Players who lose in the first round will have the option to re-buy into the tournament for another $6, and will play in the “Consolation” bracket.
  • One player from the consolation bracket will earn a seat at the final table. (At the organizers discretion, there may be instances where two players from the consolation bracket advance to the final table).
  • Players winning a game on the consolation side will receive a FNM Promo card. (July’s FNM promo is Path to Exile, August is Serum Visions) Limit one FNM Promo Per player in an evening.
  • When time is called, the current player completes their turn.
  • If a game goes to time, the player with the most player eliminations will be considered the winner.
  • If a game has no players eliminated when time is called, all players at the table are considered to have lost.
  • At the organizers discretion in the event of draw where a game goes to time, the organizer may choose to advance 2 or more players from a table to balance the pods for a subsequent round. [When in doubt, do not leave it to the organizer’s discretion, eliminate your opponents if you want to be guaranteed to advance.]
  • Tie Breakers in the event of a game going to time:
    • # of opponents eliminated
    • # of cards remaining in library
    • Fewest lands in play.
    • Fewest cards in hand.
    • Largest life total.
  • Players who arrive late after the beginning of the 7:30 round, will have the option to enter the tournament on the consolation bracket if there is still active A side games where players could go to the consolation bracket.
  • After a player has been eliminated from the A side, if they intended to re-buy into the consolation bracket, they should do so ASAP, as consolation games will start as soon as a table fills in an effort to move the tournament along as effectively as possible and minimize the wait for other players.
  • We are using the banned card list from