Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated March 26, 2021

Q – Can I shop physically inside the store?

YES!!! our current hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 6pm.

We are still offering curbside pickup and delivery options as well and we have done our best to ensure that all in-stock inventory is correctly listed in our online shop.

Q – How does Curbside Shopping or Pickup work?

If you are coming to shop or pick-up, pull into our parking lot on the North side of the building (don’t turn at the mural, drive/walk past the front door and turn left into parking lot). 

Call us or ring the door bell to let us know you’ve arrived and be patient as we make our way to the door to assist you.  Our 3000 sq ft warehouse space is set up and we can bring out anything you would like to side doors along with a credit/debit machine.

Or you can place an order in advance and simply pickup when you arrive.

Curbside Shopping & Pickup is available Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm.

Q - How does home delivery work?

Short answer – We normally attempt deliveries after 6pm.

Long Answer – Typically, we complete home deliveries after 6pm once we’ve completed curbside pickups. We will call you when we’re building our route for deliveries and try to give you an approximate window when we plan to be attempting your delivery. When we deliver we will ring your doorbell to advise that we have delivered, and be on our way. If you do not have a door bell, do not want us to ring your door bell, etc. Please advise us of this when we make the phone call to confirm that you’re going to be home. Please note that deliveries can happen as late as 10:30pm, especially in the free delivery zones. If you need an earlier delivery please specify when ordering or when we call you, we can arrange to deliver at a different time but this may mean we aren’t able to offer same day delivery.

Q – How can I tell when my package will be ready for Pickup?

If you’ve purchased through the website you’ll receive an email indicating that your order is being processed.

Once your order is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a second email that your order is complete.

You do not need to make an appointment simply follow the steps outlined in the question How Does Curbside Shopping &  Pickup Work

Q – How long does it take to process an order?

Normally we process orders between 11am-6pm on days where we’re also open for curbside pickup.
We are usually able to process overnight orders to have them ready for pickup by 1pm the next day.
Throughout the day we are typically able to process orders in under 15 minutes once payment has been completed. (please note etransfers from Credit Unions can take up to an hour to come through.)

Q – How do I select Curbside pickup or Home delivery?

When you’re ready to check out, after you’ve entered your address and postal code, your options for curbside pickup and home delivery will appear. 

Q - How can I pay for my order?

You can pay in person by credit, debit, cash or giftcard.

We also provide  the following contactless options:

-Credit Card via Webstore
-E-Transfer via Webstore, or Telephone Order. (the email address to send e-transfers to is info(at) we are set up for automatic deposit no password is needed)
-A Muse N Games Gift Card (enter your gift card number in the order notes, if you know the balance on your giftcard won’t cover the full order you can etransfer the difference or purchase additional giftcards in a separate order.)

We do not currently accept PayPal.

Please note we are NOT able to process credit card orders over the phone, but we do have a debit/credit terminal that we can bring out to you curbside.

Q – When will you be hosting instore events/play again?

We anticipate being able to host some form of in store play at some point in 2021. Specifically when depends on the health status of the province, and the state of the COVID19 vaccine rollout.