The launch of the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition story line for Adventure League is fast approaching.  With that in mind here are a bunch of useful resources online that may be of use to the brave adventurers that come out for D&D Encounters (every Wednesday starting at 6:00 pm) and D&D Expeditions (every Sunday starting at 11:00 am).

The Elemental Evil Story:
Not only do the adventurers have to contend with a newly constructed Temple of Elemental Evil (Encounters) they also have to stop the Elemental Cults from recovering powerful artifacts they need to fuel their rituals (Expeditions).

Adventurers League Players Guide Elemental Evil Edition:
All of the rules specific to Encounters and Expeditions.  This includes character creation rules, detailed information about factions, allowed downtime activities, and handy stuff like spell casting service costs.

Adventurers League FAQ:
Got questions not covered by the Adventurers League Players Guide?  This is the place to go.  This is updated with new details provided in the FAQ articles on

Elemental Evil Player’s Companion:
New race and spell options for characters starting in the Elemental Evil story line.  This is available for free on the Wizards site as a PDF and will be included as appendices in the Princes of the Apocalypse module due out in April.
Note: The Aarakocra race is not available in Adventure League as per the Adventure League Players Guide.
Note: Characters that started in the Tyranny of Dragons story line are not allowed to take spells from this expansion as a result of class abilities or leveling up.  If found in scroll or spell book form as a part of an adventure they can be scribed as normal into your spell book if your class uses one. See FAQ

Character Sheets:
New characters seem to be a common sight around Adventure League tables, more so when new character options become available at the launch of new story lines.  We will continue to provide blanks character sheets in store (and DMs to help you get them filled out) but these have some bonus features.  Not only can you find standard printer friendly versions of all three sheets (character, optional info, and spell sheets) but there are also variant sheet layouts, and form fillable versions (great if you have bad hand writing or want to use a tablet or smart phone for your character sheet).

Adventurers League Log Sheet:
While we are fairly casual at our events, if you want to be able to use your characters at other Adventurers League events (other stores, conventions, or home games) you’re going to need some of these to chronicle your character’s career and all the cool loot you got along the way.  Blank log sheets are also available in store, just like blank character sheets.

As always our helpful Dungeon Masters are available in store to answer any questions you may have.