We are pleased to welcome Dan to the A Muse N Games family of artisans with his retro gaming creations.

Daniel Odinson

(formerly “Dan J. Gutwein Creations”)

It all started with wanting a piece of art to commemorate my wedding, to my most awesome wife, in 2011.  While I was growing up I always remembered seeing my grandparents wedding cake topper sitting in their china cabinet.  Made of plaster, painted.. it had, quite literally, lasted for decades.  SO, I combined my love of geekery, in this case Star Wars, some tongue in cheek humour, and my meager skills to create the Slave Leia & Jabba wedding cake.  My wife loved it.  Friends and family thought it was cool/hilarious.  The more people that saw it, the more I got asked, “Do you do this for a living?  Because if you don’t, you really should!”.. and that got me to thinkin’, “Could I actually make a go of doing stuff like this??”.  Four years later and, I’m not making my millions, or even thousands.  But people dig what I do, and I’ve sold a good chunk of my creations.

As it says on my Contact page, I hail from North of The Wall… Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.  White walkers everywhere. Seriously.