April Calendar of Events
April is full of lots of new product and events – including International Table top and Shadows over Innistrad prerelease, release and game day read on for more details on what we are doing in the store this month.

Wednesday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Wednesday 5pm – UFS casual play
Wednesday 6pm – LCG night (Living Card Games)
Wednesday 6pm – D&D Encounters
Thursday 12-3pm – Midday Magic
Thursday 6pm – Pathfinder Society
Thursday 6:30pm – Standard $6 entry Fee
Thursday 7pm – Lady Planeswalker Society
Thursday 7pm – Draft (1.5 packs of prizing per entrant)
Friday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Friday 6pm – Friday Night Shenanigans (open board gaming)
Friday 6:30pm – FNM Sealed
Friday 7:30pm – FNM Commander 1st flight for Competitive and Casual $6 entry fee
Friday 9:30pm – FNM Commander 2nd flight Casual $6 Entry fee
Saturday 12pm – MTG Draft – this occurs weekly unless preempted by bigger magic event eg Prerelease or GameDay
Sunday 11am – D&D Expeditions – Seating is on a first come first serve basis with table caps set by the DM for each table

April Events:
Saturday April 2 – Midnight, Noon, 5pm Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease
Sunday April 3 – 11am – D&D Curse Of Strahd Launch (it’s already out but our adventures in Ravenloft starts today)
Sunday April 3 – 11am reg, 11:30 first game Armada League Day
Friday April 8 – Shadows Over Innistrad Release Day (drafts at noon and 3pm)
Saturday April 8 – SOI – Release Weekend Drafts (noon and 3pm)
Saturday April 9 – 1pm -Dicemasters Rainbow Draft
Saturday April 9 – 1pm – Conquest Spring Kit tournament
Sunday April 10 – reg 11am start noon Grand Prix Trial Minneapolis
Saturday April 16 – 1pm -A Game of Thrones 2nd ed Spring Kit
Saturday April 16 – 1pm – Imperial Assault Tournament
Saturday April 16 – 3pm – DC Deck Building Game tournament
Sunday April 17 – 1pm – Netrunner Spring Kit
Saturday April 23 -noon – Doomtown organized play
Saturday April 23 – 1pm -Dicemasters Rainbow Draft
Saturday April 23 – 2pm – Splendor tournament
Sunday April 24 – 1pm -Star Wars X-Wing Spring Kit
Saturday April 30 -11-7 International Table Top Day – Free Games Day
Saturday April 30- Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day noon and 4pm Flights