Borders of Kanta is a 2-6 player competitive tile laying game set in a richly illustrated realm that runs 20 minutes/player. Each player leads 1 of 8 unique clans to reclaim wealth lost after a plague swept the land of Kanta. Players start with a set of tiles with each tile representing 6 clan members which they must deploy strategically to participate in trading rings to earn gold. Each clan member speaks only 1 of the 3 languages in Kanta. They must speak the same language as in the neighbouring state if they want to open borders and participate in a trading ring. Thankfully, each clan has their own natural abilities as well as resources that they can earn along the way.
If you would like an opportunity to play this game and meet the designer he will be in store Wednesday November 21 from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. Check out the facebook event here. We will have at least 1 table set up all night and Chinook Games will be giving away some free stuff as well, or visit and enter to win a copy of Borders of Kanta.
Borders of Kanta launches on Kickstarter Wednesday, November 21.