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Welcome to Valley, the bucolic and vibrant home to the animalfolk of Bloomburrow, Magic‘s first all-animal plane. It’s a place where big adventures await even the smallest who are bold, inquisitive, and heroic, while those with more homespun and peaceable yearnings can enjoy the tranquil life.

But peace is endangered in Valley as the delicate balance of nature is threatened, and the elemental Calamity Beasts and the Great-Night Owl imperil the lives of its inhabitants.

Put your best paw forward, and fight alongside mice, frogs, bats, birds, and myriad other critters to restore the balance of peace—and prove bravery comes in all sizes.

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Play Booster Box

Collector Booster Box


Set of 4 Commander Decks




Your very first chance to play with the cards from a brand-new set.

A week before the set is released, you can head to your favorite local WPN game store (that’s us!) to crack open some packs, build a deck, and try out all the exciting new cards and mechanics in a friendly, informal tournament.

Click here to head to the Wizards of the Coast page about prerelease!

Each prerelease kit contains:

    • 6 Bloomburrow™ Play Boosters; each Play Booster contains 14 Magic cards
    • 1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare
    • 1 Magic: The Gathering Arena code card (only available in select regions)
    • 1 deck box
    • 1 Spindown die

All participants will receive 2 additional Play Booster of Bloomburrow as prizing regardless of standing.


Here are the links to join us in April for an amazing set that should not be missed!

Friday, July 26 @12pm *New Time*

Friday, July 26 @6:30pm *New Time*

Saturday, July 27 @12pm

Saturday, July 27 @6pm

Sunday, July 28 @12pm

Wednesday, July 31 @6pm

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