Bits and Mortar

A Muse N Games is happy to announce that we are a proud  partner of Bits & Mortar. Below is a description from their website of the services they offer and why.

Bits and Mortar is a pro-retailer, pro-brick-and-mortar, pro-PDF, pro-ebook initiative backed by several tabletop game and fiction publishers. We love real, physical brick and mortar game and book stores, and we want to see them survive — and thrive — even as the digital content options for traditional publishing become more prevalent.

Plenty of customers out there want the best of both worlds. They want the easy portability of an ebook, and the lasting durability of one made out of paper, glue, and ink. They want to be able to support their favorite local stores, and they want to be able to support their favorite publishers.  The Bits and Mortar initiative is all about making sure they don’t have to choose one or the other. We want them to choose both, every time.”

What this means for our Customers:

If you buy a physical book from a participating publisher in our store we will email you a pdf of the book. This includes special orders

Here are some of the publishers from their catalogue that we often carry:

For full details and list of publishers who are part of the program see Bits & Mortar’s website.