Battle for Zendikar

The Battle for Zendikar begins this Saturday September 26th with the Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release!

There are 3 flights available:
Midnight (Friday Night into Saturday Morning)

Registration options:

Register for one flight before 8pm Wed September 23 – $35
Register for two or more flights before 8pm Wed Sept 23 – $30 Each flight
Register for one Flight at the door is $40.** (See Yam Fest Special!)
Register for two or more flights at the door is $35.

Yam Fest Special!

The St James Biz is holding Yam Fest in support of Winnipeg Harvest on September 26th. Bring a tin for the bin, and receive $5 off of your entry into the pre-release.


Each player who stays through the end of their pre-release flight will receive a Battle For Zendikar Booster.
There will be an additional booster of Battle for Zendikar per player put into the prize pool.