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League: Winter 2016

Armada League Info for January – April 2016
Updated with Final League Standings.

Why a League?

Since it’s release, Armada has proved to provide a very different experience for players then what they were previously used to for Xwing.

While the game play itself is fun, the logistics of putting together tournaments is problematic:

  • Length of rounds (2-2.5 hours) makes playing multiple rounds in one day problematic.
  • Length of rounds (2-2.5 hours) makes receiving a bye a negative experience as a player finds themselves waiting.
  • The two above issues can cause players to be unavailable for a full tournament which would make them less likely to come out, which in turn causes a different set of issues.

The purpose for this league is to strike a balance where players will get an opportunity to play as much Armada as they would like over a period of time that is more conducive to the varied schedules of the players.


How does the league work?

Ideally players will sign up in advance for the Star Wars Armada League either by dropping by the store, or signing up through the convenient online portal (see below). Players will then play their games with an individual mix of games at league day (January 9, February 7, March 5, April 3 ), and in store as pre-arranged between players on alternate days.

While the league will schedule a total of 1 game per month to be played over the course of the league, players may wish to play more games. Players may issue “open challenges” to play extra league games beyond what is scheduled.
Players will only be scheduled for one game on league day, but can play as many games in the one day as they desire. Players unable to make it to a league day will not be scheduled games.

League dues are $15 (plus surcharge if you use eventbrite) for the entire 4 month league, or $6 to drop in for a single league day.
League Games have a 2 hour time limit, and each player uses a 400 point squad.

All League Games for Winter 2016 have to be played by the end of day April 24th 2016.

The store hours are:
Wednesday 11am – 8pm
Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday 11am-11pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 6pm

Games need to start no later than 2 hours before the store closes. Arrangements can be made in advance for the store to stay open later.

How do Open Challenges work?:

A Player can issue an open challenge by two methods:

  1. Visiting the Armada/Xwing Facebook Group and issuing an open challenge.
  2. Contacting the store and requesting that an open challenge be posted on behalf of the player. (You will need to provide a method of contact for players to reach you to arrange/accept your challenge.)

Open Challenges must contain: A Date(s), and Time(s) where your are available for players to accept your challenge and play a match.

How do I register?

Register in person at A Muse N Games 1839 1/2 Portage Ave. or through our Eventbrite portal:

League Scoring:

Attend a League Day: 2 Points
Earn a Full Win: 3 points (Defeat opponent by a margin of victory >50)
Earn a Modified Win: 2 Points (Mov <50)
Earn a Modified Loss: 1 Point (Mov <50)

Achievements: (These points can only be scored once during the league)
Issue an open challenge: 1 Point
Accept an open challenge: 1 Point
Play a game outside of the league day, against a new league opponent: 1 Point
Win a game while playing a Rebel fleet: 2 Points
Win a game while playing an Imperial fleet: 2 Points
Play a Motti fleet: 1 Point
Play a Screed fleet: 1 Point
Play a Tarkin fleet: 1 Point
Play a Vader fleet: 1 Point
Play an Ozzel fleet: 1 Point
Play a Mon Mothma fleet: 1 Point
Play a Dodonna fleet: 1 Point
Play a Garm fleet: 1 Point
Play an Ackbar fleet: 1 Point
Play a Rieekan fleet: 1 Point


Armada Winter Kit Prizes1x Winter 2016 Champion Imperial logo medal
4x Acrylic Squadron tokens
4x Star Destroyer dice bags
2x of an alternate art Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer card
17x alternate art X-wing Squadron card

Final Standings:

Eric K – 11 Points
Chris J – 11 Points
Ryan G – 8 Points
Andrew L – 4 Points
Dan S – 3 Points
Tom L – 3 Points