AMNG Amonkhet Prerelease info

For the next Magic: the Gathering set Amonkhet  A Muse N Games is hosting 4 prereleases! Midnight, Noon, and 5pm on Saturday April 22. Then 6pm on Sunday April 23.

Amonket prereleases will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Early Bird registration $35 taxes in if you register before 10:00 pm Wednesday, April 19. Regular registration is $40 taxes in.

Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 6-packs of Amonkhet, a spindown life counter, and promotional foil card! Two Amonkhet booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receives an Amonkhet booster pack from the prize pool. There will also be flights of open dueling during each prerelease.

We also will be giving away four special Amonkhet playmats at each prerelease! Those who finish first and second will receive a mat, a third will be given away in a random draw, and a fourth will be given away to a participant of open dueling by random draw. A championship plaque will also be given to the winner of the Midnight and the Sunday 6:00 pm prereleases.

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