What is WPN (Wizards Play Network) and WPN Premium?

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Wizards of the Coast announced in March 2019 some major overhauls to how they organized stores that hosted their events. They did away with the levels many Magic: the Gathering players were familiar with and introduced a new qualitative designation, Premium. The application process included a lengthy and rigorous list of what a store had to do every day to be considered. 

Today we are pleased to announce that A Muse N Games has been awarded this designation. 

What does this mean for our players and our communities? 

You can continue to expect a fun environment for all levels of competition from the newest player just learning to turn cards sideways to those vying to join the pro circuit.

In addition to this being a WPN Premium store means we will be able to offer new test programs, exclusive merchandise and WPN Qualifier events. When Wizards of the Coast wants to try out a new event format they look to their Premium stores to test them out and see if they are viable long term. 

Thank you to everyone who has offered encouragement and feedback along the way and to our partners at Wizards of the Coast for this recognition.