Starting November 8, and running through December, January and February A Muse N Games will be hosting a Kingslayer league for the newly released A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition.  ~Updated February 14, 2015~ Final Results

What is a Kingslayer League?

The Kingslayer league is an introductory series for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition. Because of its introductory nature, this event features special deckbuilding rules that enable players to experience as much of the game as possible.

For this league, each player is limited to a single Core Set from which to build a deck. This rule is to ensure that all players in the event are competing with access to the same card pool.

Additionally, a player may alter his or her deck between each round of the league by swapping out plots or neutral cards, and/or selecting a different faction pairing for each round. This rule enables players to experiment with a larger variety of cards, thereby gaining firsthand experience with a greater portion of the Core Set.

Finally, streamlined deckbuilding rules, presented below, will be used during this league to facilitate single Core Set deckbuilding and to enable players to quickly modify their decks from round to round.

A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition

Kingslayer Deckbuilding Rules

To build a deck for this league, a player selects the following:

A plot deck of seven plot cards. A second copy of a single plot card may be chosen if more than one copy of that plot card exists in the Core Set.

All of the cards from any two factions. A player’s faction choices are indicated by using the faction card from both of the chosen factions. Agenda cards, such as the Banner agendas, are not used for this event. Each of the twenty Core Set cards, both loyal and non-loyal, from both of the chosen factions must be included in the player’s deck.

A minimum of ten neutral cards. For neutral cards that appear more than three times in the Core Set, no more than three copies of the card may be included in a deck.

Plot choices, faction choices, and/or neutral card choices may be adjusted between each round of the event, as long as players are ready to begin play at the start of the next round. A player who is happy with his or her deck is not required to adjust his or her deck between rounds.

League Play

League play will alternate between Joust and Melee games.

Joust is one vs. one match with a 55 minute time limit.
Melee is multi-player games usually with 3 or 4 players at a table, with a time limit of 90 minutes.

November 8th will start with Melee games, and opportunities to joust will be available if time permits.

In addition to scheduled league dates, players can earn additional league points by playing on Friday Nights during open gaming.

League Scoring

Scoring for the league is as follows:

Melee Games:
Players earn league points at the end of each match based on how much power they have accrued during the match. The winner of the table earns 15 points. All other players earn points equal to their power at the end of the game divided by their place at the table, rounded down. If two or more players are tied, they each earn points equal to the lowest of the positions for which they are tied

Joust Games:

  •  Win = 5 points (Reaching 15 points before time is called)
  •  Modified Win = 4 points (Highest point total after time is called)
  •  Draw = 2 points
  •  Modified Loss = 1 point (Lowest point total if the game goes to time)
  • Loss = 0 points

Additional League points are available as follows:

  • Play a match with a different faction pairing then you have used in any previous match. = 2 Points
  •  Attend a League session = 4 points
  • Attend open play on Friday Night = 1 point
  • Teach a new player how to play AGoT 2nd Ed at a league session or Friday Night = 3 points

Final Standings

Updated through February 14th

Brian S            132 Points
Matt F                125 Points
David M            54 Points
Brian M             54 Points
Jim S                     9 Points
Nilton A               9 Points
Nako *                   1 Point
Stef R*                  1 Point
Curtis *                 1 Points

Full Game Results are available here


Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the February League Session.
Players do not need to be in attendance for the final league session to earn prizes. Prizes will be held for pickup for players unable to attend the wrap-up.

  • One playmat featuring Lord Commander Mormont
  • Two copies of an alternate art Tumblestone Knight card
  • Seventeen copies of an alternate art Fortified Position plot card
  • Four Night’s Watch deck boxes

Fall 2015 Tournament Kit prizes for A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition